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Alter Aeon login screen
Alter Aeon Screenshot
Alter Aeon -- A text-based fantasy Role Playing Game on which I can be found as a world builder/adminstrator and sound designer called "Draak". Its a vast world, with plenty to see and do. I've been playing there since high school and have contributed a large fraction of the game's playable content.

Ecclestacy Arts & Incense -- These fine folks have many varieties of high quality incense for sale. The lion's share of it is from the Far East -- high quality Indian masala sticks crafted from resins, not cheap charcoal blanks soaked in scented oils. They also have oils, soaps, incense holders and various other new age products. All of my services include complimentary incense, if desired, including rose, patchouli, sandalwood and the very popular Nag Champa.

Gigmasters: The Uranium Man -- This advertising service allows me to accept secure transactions via paypal or credit card. Please book me through Gigmasters if you plan on paying with paypal or credit. Its also a great way to get ahold of other entertainers and services, like magicians, face painters, acrobats, dove releases, bouncy houses and photographers.

High Spirits Flutes -- I have a modest collection of these high-quality Native American-style wooden flutes. They are extremely easy to learn and very soothing to play. I am currently saving for a triple flute in Spanish cedar.

R4 custom scenes
Custom scenes from R4,
the predecessor of Morphyre.
Morphyre -- This is the visualization program that I used to use. It features a high degree of customization, if you are inclined to learn the scripting language. Even without any coding, it has an intuitive user interface where you can program timelines. Morphyre was created by a bloke name Gordon Williams, who has done graphic design work for all kinds of stuff ranging from BP commercials to the opening title sequence of "The Dark Knight".

Musician's Friend -- This on-line store is an excellent source of equipment and lighting. Though I rarely buy from them directly, I often check the site's item reviews while shopping for new gear.

Sixth Street ocarinas
My two Sixth Street ocarinas.
Sixth Street Ocarina -- I have a couple of these fine, highly portable woodwind instruments. They come in several varieties, varying in key and number of holes. I got one 8 years ago and haven't looked back.

Styleflip -- This company makes custom skins for a variety of electronics, ranging from cellphones to laptops to DJ mixers. They have a quick turnaround and execellent quality. You can even upload your own custom images to use for the skins through an on-line editor.

Slovakian Folkart Fujara -- These bizarre, gorgeous overtone bass flutes have an unearthly sound. I currently have a cheap plastic imitation from Germany. One day I'll be able to afford a genuine Slovakian instrument.

Xaphoon: the Maui Saxophone -- This modern instrument was originally constructed from bamboo by a saxophone player. He's refined the process over the years and now offers them in plastic, though handmade bamboo models are still available, and both are quite affordable. These small reed instruments sound a lot like clarinets.

Youtube: The Uranium Man's Channel -- My channel features gig logs, equipment reviews, fluorescent minerals, and musical performances. I may even sing.

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